Pictures and Imagery

imageIn the new age that we as a human race are currently involved in, imagery has a lot to do with the way the business world works. A company’s image is very important to the public eye, and if they are putting out noticeable, impressive imagery out there for the public to see, then there is a better chance of someone choosing them rather than a competitor who does not put out pictures. The human psyche is attracted to symbols, and imagery, and many companies have already learned how to manipulate human perception into thinking positive things about their company. It is the reason many companies spend so much money into creating the perfect logo, in hopes of creating an image that is recognizable, and makes a person think positive things about that company just by the way the logo looks. Brand recognition is very important in the public’s eye, but this is only one facet of the imagery game for companies.

While a logo is often the first image that may pop into a consumers head when they think of a company, what a consumer is looking for through media sources, such as the internet, printing, television, and elsewhere also can be a humongous indicator on a person’s opinion of a company. For example, when someone is looking to hire someone to do their wedding photography, a solid portfolio of pictures is essential for a interested client when choosing between companies. Other professions where pictures are very important to showcase would be house remodeling, painting, contractor work, and any other profession where aesthetics are incredibly important.

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How Imagery Influences the Mind

Throughout history, imagery has been used to influence people to great extents. Thousands of years ago, stories were told that created images and visions in a person’s head. Drawings, paintings, sculptures, and other forms of art took it a step further and gave something more permanent to the world that allowed people to see an image and take from it what they will. Now, with cameras, camera phones, pictures, videos, and other forms of imagery, the way images are used have taken a dramatic change.

yellow journalism waysImages
are used to influence people. We have seen this more so in the years of the media’s influence. Newspapers were used to create their own messages, and through the use of comics, and other pictures along with their articles, the public was easily influenced. Same with magazines, the cover of the magazines often have pictures along with some words on it that often preach a huge message or slander someone, all for the purpose of making sales and making money, or driving a message through.

yellow journalism

Television and movies are some of the worst culprits of using images to drive home a message. Commercials between programs or before are ads, and people treat them as such. Now, they have to work extremely hard to create an enticing message for the viewers, and they do a pretty good job of it now. Car commercials, food, and beer ads all have the ability to create enticing and dramatic sequences that viewers are drawn to and cause them to buy.

Imagery is also frequently used to create ways of thinking for people. In particular, the political game has a strong understanding of using imagery to create ways of thinking for people. Political ads, politicians attire, articles, and the manipulation of the internet has a way of pushing a thought process through. This year in particular, memes took over the political race. Memes were used in large part with Donald Trump supporters that pushed forth messages that showed the negatives aspects of the Clinton’s and the Democratic party. Some images were manipulated, usually in an obvious way, but the most damning images were the ones that were not manipulated. In particular, an image that comes to mind is the one where she is being kissed by a KKK clansmen that shows he is a clansmen in the same combined image.

Images have been used for political reasons for a long time. In nearly every war that has taken place, imagery was a strong thing that provoked many emotions in people that caused them to react in a certain way.

holocaust newspaperWhen pictures of the Holocaust were seen for the world, that was the moment where much of the world realized the horrors that happened. The pictures that are in textbooks all over the world were actually chosen for a purpose. The pictures of the dead bodies that have been ingrained into all of our heads was done on purpose, and when associated with words, it can create a shock value that is hard to tear away from your mind. In school, we learned that “millions” of Jews were exterminated. When these words were placed next to pictures of piles of bodies in a pit, not too many people would ever have the guts to say anything to the contrary. Now although, that “millions” figure is likely greatly exaggerated (number accepted by trusted researchers and records pin the number closer to 270,000), the way that pictures were used to instill a way of thinking into the people’s minds practically every year of schooling since the age of 8, it made it seem as if pictures were evidence of this large death toll of people. Because people have seen pictures, and remains of death at the Holocaust, there are hardly any people who will say anything against what they have been told about the Holocaust, and it’s obviously an incredibly touchy subject.


How To Change People’s Thinking With Images

Images have always had a profound effect on us all throughout our lives. The role of images have led us to where we are today. Nearly everyone on this planet is obsessed with pictures in some form or another.

Most people can appreciate being able to see a picture locked in time of a family member or a loved one. This led to cameras and picture taking to an integral part of all societies. Before pictures, most people could only keep a moment in time locked into place through the use of paintings, sculptures, or descriptive word choice. Now, nearly everyone has some sort of camera in their pocket or nearby.

family selfies

Imagery has a way of changing the way we think about things. When images have the ability to tell a story, or are used in conjunction with a story being told, they can have a very powerful and profound affect.
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Why Having Your Own Camera Can Keep You Secure

As we have come back to time and time again, cameras have a high variety of usages in our culture. This post will cover how cameras have the ability to protect ourselves.

camera protection

We live in a time where nearly everything is recorded and documented. As we speak, there are millions of security cameras keeping watch over someones property, as well as deterring possible criminals from acting on their motives.

security cameras

Cell phone cameras that are available to record at a moments notice, and videotape all kinds of things, some of which can be used for their protection. People often will record encounters with police officers as a means of letting the cops know that they are being recorded, also to use as evidence for any wrongdoing on the officers part.

cell phone cameras

Our cameras even help keep us secure from the non-human species. After watching some footage from the night before, I saw a skunk and her babies crawl underneath my house where I smelled them the following morning. I called a pest control company who immediately handled the problem. Thanks to cameras, I was able to avoid what could have potentially been a major hindrance on my life. I’ll take this camera filled world over how it was many years prior.

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Make Your Life Easier By Taking Pictures

The ability to take pictures and send images in real time is proving to be a great way to be time efficient, and make things easier for the everyday life of humanity. The app “Facetime,” and even “Skype” have made it easier for people to communicate and see live video in real time. For families, friends, and even dealing with businesses, this can make life move much more swiftly to take care of the every day ongoing of life.


Just yesterday, I was having a problem with my shower and bathtub. There was a massive water leak to the point where no matter if I closed the bathtub faucet or the shower spicket. When I tried fixing it myself, it started to leak out of the actual handle. I was at a loss. Calling up a local plumbing company, after I had him on the phone, he asked if I had an iPhone and could Facetime. We got on a live video chat together and he was able to identify the problem quickly and get me a quote. This was a reminder how integral these video chatting smart phones are in our

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red green blue color psychology

Rules You Must Follow For Colors At Your Office

The work space is an important area of each person’s world where psychology should be featured and understood by people within the office, but in particular, the people in charge of designing the office. The environment of where we spend much of our time must exude the type of mood that we are trying to create for it to properly serve it’s purpose.

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Why Should Video Quality Be The Most Important Aspect of Your Video

There has been a dramatic increase in the amount of video content that is being put on the web. In today’s world, every video has a chance to go viral. Some people, like a bunch of fake pranksters have learned that skilled acting, an interesting story line, high quality picture, and followers give them the opportunity to make a ton of viral videos and essentially earn a crap ton of money. camera hd

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Cameras for Vehicles

Cameras in vehicles have changed the way we handle transportation and value the future of technology for automobiles, drones, space travel, and all the other ways that cameras can help finesse the transport and vehicle capabilities of our modern vehicular transporting systems.
backup camerasIn the mid-2000’s, some cars started to become equipped with rear view cameras. There were a couple of scary incidents at the time of parents not being able to see the peripherals around their vehicle, and horrific cases of babies, toddlers, and young children, as well as even some adults were struck by vehicles due to the driver not having the ability to see exactly what was behind them. Thanks to back up cameras now, there is usually a camera in the bumper of a vehicle, sometimes even multiple cameras, and they are connected to a screen in the vehicle that gives them the capability of seeing what is directly behind them so that they do not hit anything. This helps avoid minor accidents from running into trees, walls, curbs, other vehicles, and most importantly, from endangering any animals, in particular, our fellow human beings.

backup camera

space xThe state of cameras being installed in vehicles is expanding in nearly every market, and it has been a major part of some of our highest real of possibility markets, such as space travel. Right now, we are in the midst of a major technological progression in all of human history. We are advancing our space technologies like never before, and scientists, engineers, and space travel professionals alike are all working together into figuring out how build the best model of space equipment as possible, as well as testing them. Because of the cameras that we have installed into many of these technologies, we are capable of studying many facets of our progress and able to use more precise judgment in our decision making because we have the video evidence to help us with our choices.

Right now, our unit of people have been able to construct a rover, particularly special one. This rover has been name Curiosity, very cleverly. Right now, Curiosity is exploring the surface of Mars. Luckily, we have fitted Curiosity the rover with  a couple of cameras that are able to send some magnificent pictures back to the world to broadcast to everyone what the surface of Mars looks like. Space is such a major topic, and the exploration of that is so essential for the survival and progression of mankind, it is so revolutionary that we are this point in history that we are able to get high definition pictures of the surface of Mars, something that was essentially unimaginable many years ago.

mars rover wheel

The Past and Future of Camera Technology

In this race between companies to create the highest level of camera technology, over the last few years, picture quality has certainly changed styles depending on what top level companies believe what is important to consumers. Now, instead of just capturing images of life’s moments, cameras are used much more in a way that is geared toward benefiting the consumers in an attempt to sell products and make more money.  In that effort, we have seen some cool gizmos added to the array of useful products, and are certainly seeing into the future much more common about what kind of things are going to be integrated into our everyday lives.

Early on in my life, I can still remember a ton of people using the instant print cameras that would print up a small picture right after a picture was taken. Then, as the digital age moved along and a lot of people had computers or knew that they could print their pictures through chain stores like WalMart, Costco, Bel-Air, among others. Now, with the advent of picture taking phones, and especially ones that take pictures in 4k quality, the bar for camera technology is accelerating very quickly, and it is very interesting to see what the future holds for camera technology.

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Photo Impressions

Children are very impressionable. During their formative years, they only are able to acquire the knowledge, the insights, the beliefs, and the dreams from their influences in life growing up. During their early stages of life, a few years after they learn to speak and understand language, they also begin to construct who they are as a person which definitely changes the life trajectory path that they are currently on. Depending on the influencing factors that surround them early on in life, often times you will find that in the years between 4 and 10, the early signs of an original personality and belief system begins to develop in an early human. Since it is so difficult for two children to have nearly the same upbringing as one another for years and years at a time, unless they are identical twins, often children will start to divert from the rest in some way and become more original in their thought patterns. And, while many may have the same goals and dreams in mind, the way they got there is usually way different than how another child with the same exact dream got there. Continue reading Photo Impressions

Many Features, One Device

In the days of technology and all in one devices, phones are basically the face of the movement. Telephones have been an integral part of United States culture for decades now. The old timey phones have progressed to where they became digitized, and phones began coming with a screen on them. Once they started coming with more technology, such as texting features, and using the internet, it started to become very apparent that soon there would be more and more features added to the cell phone that began to be apart of every American’s lives.

mobile phoen

It became apparently clear that for the phone companies to get their phone in the hands of every American, they had to create the phone with the best features. There were very many varieties of cell phones in the early to mid 2000’s. The phone companies at the time were pushing their cell services, and the different varieties of phones that were exclusive with their brand. People were given limited options to choose cell phones based on the the plan that they needed, so many of different phone creators had their hand in the game. Most set themselves apart in the crowd by features like touchscreen features, texting features, music capabilities, among others. Once Apple stepped into the cell phone industry and released their Iphone, the phone market as a whole was forced to step their games up.

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