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In the days of technology and all in one devices, phones are basically the face of the movement. Telephones have been an integral part of United States culture for decades now. The old timey phones have progressed to where they became digitized, and phones began coming with a screen on them. Once they started coming with more technology, such as texting features, and using the internet, it started to become very apparent that soon there would be more and more features added to the cell phone that began to be apart of every American’s lives.

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It became apparently clear that for the phone companies to get their phone in the hands of every American, they had to create the phone with the best features. There were very many varieties of cell phones in the early to mid 2000’s. The phone companies at the time were pushing their cell services, and the different varieties of phones that were exclusive with their brand. People were given limited options to choose cell phones based on the the plan that they needed, so many of different phone creators had their hand in the game. Most set themselves apart in the crowd by features like touchscreen features, texting features, music capabilities, among others. Once Apple stepped into the cell phone industry and released their Iphone, the phone market as a whole was forced to step their games up.


Today, many of the top end phones are very comparable, while they do separate themselves from one another by distinct features. Now, basically everyone has the ability to text, surf the web, listen to music, and take a picture and video on their phone, while some will try to create additional features that make their phone unique. A couple of the top phone manufactures, like Apple, Samsung, LG, Google, are all trying to beat each other at the phone features they have, while also trying to separate themselves from each other.

Right now, at the top of the leader board for the phone game is Apple and Samsung. Part of the reason being is that they have created seamless technology as a part of their phones, but for me, a photo enthusiast, these phones have separated themselves for me due to their photo taking abilities. Now, the Iphones and the Samsung phones are having high end cameras installed into them, and we now have the ability to upgrade them and add even better cameras into them. With high pixel counts, stabilizers, zoom, burst, filters, video recording, panoramic views, among other countless features are a big reason people are turning away from even buying a camera and just using their high tech phones to take their pictures. Rather than lug around a camera, keep it around your neck, on your back, or in a big, it is much easier to use a device that you already have on you anyways to take pictures. Phones now can be very small, are sizable enough to see great pictures on screens, and they can all be downloaded to be brought up on a bigger screen. You even rarely will have to take anything out of the phone, like a photo card, to get your pictures on another device. All you usually have to do is plug you phone into the computer, and you now have your pictures accessible and visible.

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When I was growing up, one gripe among my parents anytime we went anywhere was making sure that we had the camera with us to catch anything. Somebody was always given the responsibility of carrying the camera around. Now, life is much easier, and basically everyone, or at least one in a group of people has a very capable photo taking phone on hand, and it usually is much more than one person. Graduations, sporting events, parties, festivals, concerts, you name it, you are likely going to see far more phones taking pictures than you will see cameras taking pictures. With the high quality pictures that phones are now capable of producing, it is no wonder why the world is turning this way.


There are still high uses for professional cameras in many situations, especially if you are trying to turn a profit with your camera, but even for the professionals, you can’t tell me that you aren’t taking a hell of a lot of pictures with your smartphone as well. It’s just very simple to carry around, easily accessible, easily stored, and there is a lot more than just taking pictures that can be done with it too.

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As an added feature that people love on these cell phones, are the ability to take pictures with the front facing camera. The front camera is now the dedicated selfie taking camera, and without it, the selfie movement would be nowhere near it is today. With the front facing camera, it can be used as a mirror for personal reasons, but most often it is used for taking a selfie that you can get right the first time without cutting off part of your face, or, fitting someone else into your frame and not needing multiple takes for one picture. If your phone doesn’t have a front facing camera, it likely isn’t even in the conversation for best cell phone out on the market. And if you don’t have a high quality camera on the back end, then forget about it!

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