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imageIn the new age that we as a human race are currently involved in, imagery has a lot to do with the way the business world works. A company’s image is very important to the public eye, and if they are putting out noticeable, impressive imagery out there for the public to see, then there is a better chance of someone choosing them rather than a competitor who does not put out pictures. The human psyche is attracted to symbols, and imagery, and many companies have already learned how to manipulate human perception into thinking positive things about their company. It is the reason many companies spend so much money into creating the perfect logo, in hopes of creating an image that is recognizable, and makes a person think positive things about that company just by the way the logo looks. Brand recognition is very important in the public’s eye, but this is only one facet of the imagery game for companies.

While a logo is often the first image that may pop into a consumers head when they think of a company, what a consumer is looking for through media sources, such as the internet, printing, television, and elsewhere also can be a humongous indicator on a person’s opinion of a company. For example, when someone is looking to hire someone to do their wedding photography, a solid portfolio of pictures is essential for a interested client when choosing between companies. Other professions where pictures are very important to showcase would be house remodeling, painting, contractor work, and any other profession where aesthetics are incredibly important.

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Having good images out there for viewers to find can help just about any business succeed. Even if you are not one who does any grunt work, even if you are just a person who closes sales over the phone, or a person like me, who writes blogs. Using imagery doesn’t always have to be physical images, it can be using words to creates symbols in another person’s mind that are enticing to the listener that would make them interested in what you do and more likely to continue their relationship with you if you are able to make them think are draw interest out of them. Simply, just by being able to make somebody critically think in their day, you are doing for them what many other people and companies are unable to do.

Technology has really made it so that the appearance of products are very important for users. With the ability for any single person who is interested in a certain type of product, they have the ability to type in a couple words on the internet and look for more comparative products available. Simply by finding a comparable product online that has nicer looking pictures and a better design will more often than not make a consumer go with the nicer looking one than the more dull one. This is one of the reasons that people will choose certain cars over others. Two cars may be identical in performance and functionality, but whichever one looks the prettiest in the eyes of the buyer is going to be the one that gets sold.

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In America, outward appearance is very important to people. With television shows and many “hip” people concerned with the latest fashions and the hottest products, it causes people to grow anxious to get their hands on one so that they feel they can gain some recognition as being part of the “in” crowd. This is partially what causes so much of the divide between the upper and lower classes of people. The upper class are the types that are creating beautiful looking products and then being able to market them as cool. Then, the middle and lower classes of people spend what money they have to get the cool and stylish products so that they themselves can be considered cool. You can see this all the time, particularly in the fashion industry where nearly every piece of merchandise that sells earns great profits on everything. Especially the ones with the name recognition like Yeezy, or Louis Vouton. Just by sticking that name on any piece of fashion, the price for it dramatically increases and people will crave the product particularly due to the image that it carries.


People are blinded by imagery in this world. It is very important that if you are an aspiring creator, innovator, entrepreneur, businessman, owner, or other person who wishes to make money in this world, that you grasp your head around how essential having a good image to showcase to your buyers are what is going to sell them. Logic hardly sells to people these days. It is more often than not a case between, “is this going to improve my image, or decrease it?” If a person can be convinced that a product is going to help increase the chances of other people being impressed by what they have, they will have an easier time moving forward.

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