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If you are one of the many people apart of the aspiring photographers, either consider it a hobby, or make it an integral part of your life.  Everyone today, and people of all realms have access to a camera, and have the ability to take an amazing looking picture on it. Most of our smartphone that we have all have in our pockets have incredible resolution cameras attached to it. If anyone sees something they like, all they gotta do is reach into their pocket, whip out their smartphone, and if they can keep it from going blurry, they are likely to create a beautiful looking picture. Nowadays its not too hard, and everyone on Instagram gets their day to shine by posting a beautiful picture.


In this age of social sharing, it is much easier for people to become enticed with the ability to create a fantastic picture with just the flick of the wrist and the push of a couple buttons and that picture is now available for the world to see. We all like a beautiful picture, and its very easy to get a ton of compliments on a fabulous picture that you have taken. Often, you may even receive high praise for a nice quality and colorful picture that you may have taken. At this point, after getting a couple highlight shots to post on the we, many people become inspired by the prospectus of having a skill in photography and taking it seriously, or fork over a load of money to invest in a camera that is not used enough for the price invested in it. But, in essence, it all depends on what kind of person you are, if taking pictures is just something you find enjoyable, then enjoy the hell out of your hobby. If you are looking to make it a career, you better start thinking very creative, get some money, and get in line. There are a lot more aspiring photographers out there trying to make a living.


What separates the photographers who gain renowned fame and make the million dollars per year picture with pages of you portfolio littering the magazines is more than just snapping a picture.  First off comes the money to buy the equipment necessary to take standout pictures. Second, is to live in a location that you are able to find imagery that is worth taking pictures of. It doesn’t have to be an exotic atmosphere or anything when you are taking the pictures, but the ability to take nice looking pictures and even develop a niche doing a certain type of photography can really help you become a professional at it.


Average photographers are the type who see the obviously beautiful things and snap a shot at the right angle to help make the most out of an obviously beautiful piece. A Master is able to snap pictures of something seemingly dull, but have the ability to tell a story from a single picture. These are the types that study environments. Depending on their niche, it could be a social atmosphere, like capturing the picture of a person, that can cause the onlooker to wonder about the subject of the image. Or maybe an abandoned home, and capturing the image of a room that maybe had a way of telling a story about the people who previously lived there. The types of photograph that make people think are a very popular form of photography, especially in the day of social sharing, where through the use of a picture and text below, it is just like a new wave of a picture book.  It doesn’t always take money to make money at photography. With a good eye for story telling pictures, and create a post to tell the story in a simple way so that the reader will analyze the picture to further tell the story after reading a simple explanation of you describing it.


Other renowned types of photo taking is capturing some form of exotic pictures. There are tons of spectacular environments  in this vast word. From the seas, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, cave wells, and crazy amounts of water type pictures. Plants. Animals. Skies. High Mountains. Bugs. Deserts. Tundras. Glaciers. Coastlines. Cliffs. Dunes. Space. There is an incredible amount of different subjects that can be photographed to create a good picture. But, to do this, you must be able to afford to see these exotic events, have some courage to get the chance to take these pictures, and the occasional quick trigger.


When thinking about a career in photography, it is

supremely essential to critically think which niche you are going to dive into when creating your career. First thing is first though. Don’t think about creating a career in photography, or talk about starting a career taking pictures, the most important things, is to just do it!

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