Rise of the Cameras

older cameras

Over the last hundred years, there were definitely distinctly top tier cameras, but when comparing the pricing of some of these cameras compared to the lower tier, higher level cameras were exclusively available for high ranking public officials, and ultra wealthy private individuals. Then, once the digital camera age began, more and more often the top level cameras began to get into the hands of upper middle class, then to the middle class, and nowadays, if you can scrape up $20, you can find something that will take High Definition quality pictures that can be used over and over again.

During the early 2000’s until 2010, there was an incredibly sharp increase in the public’s valuation of having technology available to them, and their interest in picture quality certainly began to rise in a dramatic fashion. With advent of websites to visit and see pretty images and pictures, onto the beginning of social sharing websites, and sending pictures to your friends, family, and everyone else through text messaging, email, social sharing, and litany of other platforms, the importance of creating a quality picture was certainly of some importance to many families in the United States. This era, it began to be very common for people to take multiple pictures throughout the day, week, month, and year, and definitely more than their generations before them. Now, since everyone began owning some form of picture taking device, interest in being able to take a quality photography began to form in the minds of many. For awhile, there was definitely a certain couple of brands of cameras that were the chosen few if you wanted to be able to take the kind of photographs that could easily be analyzed by anyone by uploading it to a computer, or another screen, and many details throughout the picture were much easier to be seen in the high quality hd cameras.

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Once the prices were starting to get into a reasonable range, and people only had to fork over a couple hundred bucks to get a high quality camera, people who owned these cameras were taking fantastic pictures, but it still required a touch of skill and knowledge about how focus and other camera features worked to really pull all the quality out of a picture that is possible. Editing software really helped people understand what is needed to be done to every picture to really transform the intricacies of the image.

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As we have entered the teen years of the 2000’s if you have a somewhat understanding of what cameras have the ability to create high quality pictures, you can very easily acquire a camera that is going to take pictures comparable to the top notch photographers of the yesteryear. Camera lens are getting closer and closer to the size where unless your vision is perfect, you’re going to need to put on some glasses to see it. Pictures are also being able to be taken at an incredibly fine quality. And it’s not only the top end pictures, video recorders are becoming able to record at a 4K Quality that people can watch on their 7″ phone screens. Remote Control flying objects like drones are becoming mounted with a 4k recording screen and fly around to record things at currently unreachable human heights.

drone 4k camera

It’s almost unreal at the quality of cameras available today, and many of┬áthese cameras are within range of a low budget person to save up for. You can get high end 4k recording devices for easily less than $200 nowadays, and it’s incredible that they just seem to be getting better. If you don’t believe me, check Amazon for the 4k camera options between $100-$200, I’ll admit, it’s pretty ridiculous!

go pro cameras

The outlook on the future of cameras is starting to go beyond the imaginations of many. Currently, some of the top tech companies on the planet are creating virtual reality technology that will likely be accessible and integrated in the average upper middle class’s family daily lives. Already, just through the work the google glass is trying to create as well as Microsoft Hologram technology, that technology is being perfected everyday with the goals of putting their products in the hands of everyday consumers, but at the same time, I believe that they will be actually one of the few companies that are looking to better the lives of the average human. As this generation of human’s continues to progress, it’s obvious the older the generation, the more likely of that person to believe that the newest generation has it way easier than them. Thanks to technology, it certainly is certainly is easy to admire at what is possible with the help of a technological mindset to create an easier life for us all.

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