Why Should Video Quality Be The Most Important Aspect of Your Video

There has been a dramatic increase in the amount of video content that is being put on the web. In today’s world, every video has a chance to go viral. Some people, like a bunch of fake pranksters have learned that skilled acting, an interesting story line, high quality picture, and followers give them the opportunity to make a ton of viral videos and essentially earn a crap ton of money. camera hd

Besides the point of all the fake doodoo that these Youtube Pranksters put in, there’s something to be said about the quality of an image that can draw people towards something. 

Imagery has been an essential part of humanity for hundreds of years now. We have spoken with the use of imagery, our imaginations pushed us forward, and now, we have all become mesmerized by the high quality color of videos online.

YouTube is now chock full of people who’s primary purpose of uploading content is to make money. These people have learned that there is a specific set of guidelines that should be followed if you desire to either go viral, or gain a steady stream of views to earn money off of ad revenue.

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Rule Number 1: You must have a quality camera. A solid 1080 HD camera is now the standard. Most people won’t even click a thumbnail for a YouTube Video if that picture doesn’t look HD. Most people also have devices that play in HD quality, and they didn’t buy that for nothing. Now that people have been conditioned to know that HD picture quality is the standard for viewing video content, there’s no reason anyone wants to go back.

best camera apranksters

From what I have learned, there are a ton of YouTubers who have their own opinion on what kind of camera to get for filming their videos. A lot of them do this for advertising purposes to get some extra income for plugging some one else’s product. From what many people who I have watched, I have learned that the quality camera in the video content game is the G7X. Now let me get my plug, you can buy it here:

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