How To Change People’s Thinking With Images

Images have always had a profound effect on us all throughout our lives. The role of images have led us to where we are today. Nearly everyone on this planet is obsessed with pictures in some form or another.

Most people can appreciate being able to see a picture locked in time of a family member or a loved one. This led to cameras and picture taking to an integral part of all societies. Before pictures, most people could only keep a moment in time locked into place through the use of paintings, sculptures, or descriptive word choice. Now, nearly everyone has some sort of camera in their pocket or nearby.

family selfies

Imagery has a way of changing the way we think about things. When images have the ability to tell a story, or are used in conjunction with a story being told, they can have a very powerful and profound affect.

When I was growing up, I would visit my grandparents house and always stare at the pictures she had all along a wall in a hallway of her house. Each picture was taken at a moment in time, and that moment was able to tell a story to me even though I wasn’t even alive at the time to know about any of this. By staring into the pictures and seeing the faces of family members, young and old, I was able to create some sort of connections to them without their presence. I would look at my dad, my uncles, my aunts, and older folks in my family, and actually be able to see part of myself in their faces and mannerisms. The images had the ability to allow me to relate to people in a different manner than the way that I knew them in my current state of mind.


At this point in time, high quality images are the way to tell stories now. Pictures nowadays are incredible high definition to the point where we can see wrinkles, blemishes, freckles, hair, pupils, practically every facet of the subjects of the pictures. It has come to the point now where it seems like a picture is like looking through the window. We look for beautiful imagery, and with a proper photograph, the high quality beauty appearance of an intimate photograph can integrate underlying feelings into the mind of the viewer.

Photos that have humans in them often have a stronger affect on the mind of a person. People have stronger feelings for other people and their pets more so than random animals and plants. Pictures of humans where the feelings of the person can be felt push a strong theme.

Words associated with the picture may sometimes be necessary to get the full effect out of the picture.  Quotes placed on the picture, or words that go with the picture that tell a story can elicit more feelings out of a picture where the onlooker is forced to come up with their own conclusions. Sometimes a good picture that goes along with a good story can have much more dramatic feelings than anything else.


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