Make Your Life Easier By Taking Pictures

The ability to take pictures and send images in real time is proving to be a great way to be time efficient, and make things easier for the everyday life of humanity. The app “Facetime,” and even “Skype” have made it easier for people to communicate and see live video in real time. For families, friends, and even dealing with businesses, this can make life move much more swiftly to take care of the every day ongoing of life.


Just yesterday, I was having a problem with my shower and bathtub. There was a massive water leak to the point where no matter if I closed the bathtub faucet or the shower spicket. When I tried fixing it myself, it started to leak out of the actual handle. I was at a loss. Calling up a local plumbing company, after I had him on the phone, he asked if I had an iPhone and could Facetime. We got on a live video chat together and he was able to identify the problem quickly and get me a quote. This was a reminder how integral these video chatting smart phones are in our

This situation with the plumber was actually pretty fabulous, and it got me thinking. I started to wonder  about how else Facetime would help businesses operate.


Thinking back to times that I know Facetime helps others, it brought me back to a lot of work days. During our meetings with higher ups in our office, we would often have live streams where we would go to an office and connect a computer to a projector and all watch together. Today, Facetime, Facebook live stream, Google Hangouts, ‘Snapchat Video, and many other applications can give every participant their own screen. It gives people the chance to work while they watch these live streams and access these at any time. Whether you are in a vehicle, on a plane with WiFi, in your backyard, and many other places, you can get on a live stream with someone, it’s pretty wild compared to where we just were in history.


Most importantly, and probably the reason that these applications were created are likely for families and friends to stay connected with one another. Each face to face conversation can bring people closer together. There is a huge difference between sending letters, emailing, texting, and even talking on the phone compared to actually being able to see the person who you are talking to and see the expres   sions their face makes. Being able to connect with another person on an emotional level is much easier done when being able to see their face.


Also, when dealing with friends, family, businesses, acquaintances, whomever else, describing something to someone is much harder than actually just showing it to them. Being able to show someone something on the spot makes things much easier, and essentially takes stresses and time away from life and makes living much smoother. I’m ecstatic with the way that videochat is headed, totally look forward to when we get to do hologram chats.



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