Rules You Must Follow For Colors At Your Office

red green blue color psychology

The work space is an important area of each person’s world where psychology should be featured and understood by people within the office, but in particular, the people in charge of designing the office. The environment of where we spend much of our time must exude the type of mood that we are trying to create for it to properly serve it’s purpose.

red green blue color psychologyColor Psychology, images, privacy, and each person’s work space and how it is set up can play a dominating role in the productivity of a person. Take into consideration of how these things factor in to a person’s needs for the daily work life.

Depending on whether we are talking about a private office, a group office, an office where there are a lot of cubicles, and a home office, differences may vary in what may be essential to promote the right kind of vibes.

Some common colors that may help push the type of office atmosphere you are trying to create include, red, blue, green, violet, orange, pink, white, and brown. Colors to commonly be avoided are grey and black, unless it is for a secret lair, then black is likely your best option to keep you in the secrecy mood.

red wallsRed is a strong color. Or psyches have commonly associated red with warmness, strength, courage, excitement, and also danger. Red can also promote an aggressive atmosphere at the same time. Painting an office red is likely best only when an office is trying hard sales and needs to stay full of energy and courage. I think of red as something that Jordan Belfort and his other Wolves on Wall Street could of even benefited more by doing.

blue wallsBlue is a color full of intelligence, with a calming, trusting sensation to it. Blue is the color of the sky, and the majority of the people on Earth’s favorite color. Maybe it has something to do with our love for water, or our remembrance being water creatures. Blue can also have a cold feeling to it, and a emptiness of emotions. Blues will create clear thoughts for the office atmosphere and keep the mind, calm, cool, and collected. If your atmosphere has positive emotions to begin with, blue is a good color to roll with.

green leavesGreen is another refreshing color. Known for it’s peaceful feelings and the balance that it exudes, green is the symbol of life. When we think of green, we think of the grasses, the trees, and the plants that give us oxygen, which may have something to do with why people like green so much. Green is a calming feeling, that when chosen with the right shade can be a positive reassuring color to have in the office setting.

violet walls painted officeViolet is color of the spirits. It also has a history of being a luxurious color and promotes quality work. Violet is a spiritual color that people may also feel discouraged by if used in the wrong fashion. Violets promote higher thinking, and it is often associated with the outer universe. Be wary about choosing violet, but if your atmosphere could use some spiritual thinking, violet is a positive color in the right atmosphere.

orange background walls painted officeOrange is another somewhat comforting color. The color is a warm, yet bright color. Oranges are often associated with the sun and promotes fun vibes, yet frivolous. If you are in the office setting that needs to have some fun, get this stimulating and inviting color in the office, just don’t let the fun get in the way of the work.

Pink is another tranquil color. The color of love, and also femininity. If there are clashes within the office, pink may help promote more social vibes within the environment. Pink may actually be able to help some office conflicts become resolved.

white wallsWhite is an interesting color, since it is the absence of color. Often used in settings where hygiene is very important, it can also promote a pure way of thinking and keeping things simple and efficient. Since there is no color, it may cause some office workers to go a little brain dead at some times of day, and it may be a hard to look at the walls. Colors are often a better option for office settings, but if you are in a lab type of setting, then white is one of your best options.

brown wallsBrown is a color that not many people think would be something that they want to paint on their walls. But brown can have some positive feels to it as well. Brown is the color of much of nature, and it can feel like the type of color that you can count on seeing. It has a warm sensation and it can promote honesty and seriousness within an office.  People are often going with brown, the color of the trunks of trees within an office and report good results from it.

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