Why Having Your Own Camera Can Keep You Secure

As we have come back to time and time again, cameras have a high variety of usages in our culture. This post will cover how cameras have the ability to protect ourselves.

camera protection

We live in a time where nearly everything is recorded and documented. As we speak, there are millions of security cameras keeping watch over someones property, as well as deterring possible criminals from acting on their motives.

security cameras

Cell phone cameras that are available to record at a moments notice, and videotape all kinds of things, some of which can be used for their protection. People often will record encounters with police officers as a means of letting the cops know that they are being recorded, also to use as evidence for any wrongdoing on the officers part.

cell phone cameras

Our cameras even help keep us secure from the non-human species. After watching some footage from the night before, I saw a skunk and her babies crawl underneath my house where I smelled them the following morning. I called a pest control company who immediately handled the problem. Thanks to cameras, I was able to avoid what could have potentially been a major hindrance on my life. I’ll take this camera filled world over how it was many years prior.

As a younger lad, I was a big time skateboarder. Like many skateboarders, we loved to film our skatetricks, and would regularly have an individual with us who spent a lot of his time filing with us.

skateboard filming

As skaters do, we ventured to many properties to skate that we may should have avoided. Also, like many skaters, this resulted in having the police called on us regularly. Each time the police came, our friend would always have his camera on the officer to ensure there would not be any funny business going. While we were in the wrong most of the time, and we knew it, but the camera was for our protection. It turned out that we had good reason to always film when the police arrived.

filming the policeWhile there are good cops and bad cops, their mood can often be influenced by what kind of day they have had. This particular evening, we were skating on bank property, a pretty big no-no for any smart individual. So, when the cops arrived, we were hardly surprised. At the time, our filming buddy was up in a tree, and seeing there was no reason for him to come out when the cops arrived, he just kept filming.

The police came with the intention of writing us a citation, which was no problem. Unfortunately, I had a bit of an attitude as a kid, which led to some kind words for the police officer, but my tone, which caused a lot of problems in my day, caused the officer to not appreciate the words so much. Without much to go off of, one of the officers grabbed me by the arm, yanked me to the ground, and put handcuffs on me. Now, I’m completely defenseless, and there wasn’t much that I could do personally to change the situation that I was in.

At the time, I did not know that our filmer had actually stuck around. So, I thought all hope was lost and I would be spending the night in jail. As the officer is declaring my rights to me, I see my friend climbing down from the tree with camera in hand, remaining pointing at us. He approached the officer without him even noticing there was anyone walking up to him and said to the officer, “You sure you want to arrest him, because I got everything on camera.”

The officer was bewildered, and stunned frankly. He did not say a word as he unlocked my cuffs and told all three of us to leave the property immediately. Well, turns it, the camera made our scenario a ton better than it could have possibly been. They kept us secure, they kept the officer honest, and they saved me from some real horrors.

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