Playing the Part

If you are one of the many people apart of the aspiring photographers, either consider it a hobby, or make it an integral part of your life.  Everyone today, and people of all realms have access to a camera, and have the ability to take an amazing looking picture on it. Most of our smartphone that we have all have in our pockets have incredible resolution cameras attached to it. If anyone sees something they like, all they gotta do is reach into their pocket, whip out their smartphone, and if they can keep it from going blurry, they are likely to create a beautiful looking picture. Nowadays its not too hard, and everyone on Instagram gets their day to shine by posting a beautiful picture.


In this age of social sharing, it is much easier for people to become enticed with the ability to create a fantastic picture with just the flick of the wrist and the push of a couple buttons and that picture is now available for the world to see. We all like a beautiful picture, and its very easy to get a ton of compliments on a fabulous picture that you have taken. Often, you may even receive high praise for a nice quality and colorful picture that you may have taken. At this point, after getting a couple highlight shots to post on the we, many people become inspired by the prospectus of having a skill in photography and taking it seriously, or fork over a load of money to invest in a camera that is not used enough for the price invested in it. But, in essence, it all depends on what kind of person you are, if taking pictures is just something you find enjoyable, then enjoy the hell out of your hobby. If you are looking to make it a career, you better start thinking very creative, get some money, and get in line. There are a lot more aspiring photographers out there trying to make a living.

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Pictures and Imagery

imageIn the new age that we as a human race are currently involved in, imagery has a lot to do with the way the business world works. A company’s image is very important to the public eye, and if they are putting out noticeable, impressive imagery out there for the public to see, then there is a better chance of someone choosing them rather than a competitor who does not put out pictures. The human psyche is attracted to symbols, and imagery, and many companies have already learned how to manipulate human perception into thinking positive things about their company. It is the reason many companies spend so much money into creating the perfect logo, in hopes of creating an image that is recognizable, and makes a person think positive things about that company just by the way the logo looks. Brand recognition is very important in the public’s eye, but this is only one facet of the imagery game for companies.

While a logo is often the first image that may pop into a consumers head when they think of a company, what a consumer is looking for through media sources, such as the internet, printing, television, and elsewhere also can be a humongous indicator on a person’s opinion of a company. For example, when someone is looking to hire someone to do their wedding photography, a solid portfolio of pictures is essential for a interested client when choosing between companies.¬†Other professions where pictures are very important to showcase would be house remodeling, painting, contractor work, and any other profession where aesthetics are incredibly¬†important.

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Rise of the Cameras

older cameras

Over the last hundred years, there were definitely distinctly top tier cameras, but when comparing the pricing of some of these cameras compared to the lower tier, higher level cameras were exclusively available for high ranking public officials, and ultra wealthy private individuals. Then, once the digital camera age began, more and more often the top level cameras began to get into the hands of upper middle class, then to the middle class, and nowadays, if you can scrape up $20, you can find something that will take High Definition quality pictures that can be used over and over again.

During the early 2000’s until 2010, there was an incredibly sharp increase in the public’s valuation of having technology available to them, and their interest in picture quality certainly began to rise in a dramatic fashion. With advent of websites to visit and see pretty images and pictures, onto the beginning of social sharing websites, and sending pictures to your friends, family, and everyone else through text messaging, email, social sharing, and litany of other platforms, the importance of creating a quality picture was certainly of some importance to many families in the United States. This era, it began to be very common for people to take multiple pictures throughout the day, week, month, and year, and definitely more than their generations before them. Now, since everyone began owning some form of picture taking device, interest in being able to take a quality photography began to form in the minds of many. For awhile, there was definitely a certain couple of brands of cameras that were the chosen few if you wanted to be able to take the kind of photographs that could easily be analyzed by anyone by uploading it to a computer, or another screen, and many details throughout the picture were much easier to be seen in the high quality hd cameras.

old timey camera

Once the prices were starting to get into a reasonable range, and people only had to fork over a couple hundred bucks to get a high quality camera, people who owned these cameras were taking fantastic pictures, but it still required a touch of skill and knowledge about how focus and other camera features worked to really pull all the quality out of a picture that is possible. Editing software really helped people understand what is needed to be done to every picture to really transform the intricacies of the image.

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About Brad

Whatsup everyone, my name is Brad,

From the bay area of CA, first born of my hippie parents. During my youth, my parents were very adventurous. We spent a great deal of my upbringing outside of my actual home and touring the west coast line. All over Northern California as you go up the coastline, there are rich, lush green forests that run up along sandy beaches on the edge of California all the way through to Canada. I spent much of my upbringing camping with my family, hiking, backpacking all throughout Northern California with my mother and father documenting our vacations through camcorder footage and snapping pictures with vintage Polaroid cameras, and moving up into the different types of ways to capture pictures all the way throughout their life into the digital camera age.


My parents still love to go on vacations and capture pictures documenting their life travels, but they also passed on this trait to me. Now, I am a photo freak and love the way that cameras have the ability to document moments of my life experiences each day.

Throughout the week, I will sometimes try to snap a picture in a specific environment that I think is a pivotal part of my day. I have come to notice that there is often a single pivotal moment every day that changes who you are as a person more than the other moments. When I realize I am at that moment of my day, I will try to snap a picture that can help me distinguish the important moments of my day. Whenever I have time at the end of the day, the following day, days, or weeks after, I will look through the picture or pictures I took that day and reflect on the experiences that I had.the silk road Continue reading About Brad